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We Are Not Just Pharmacy Bookkeepers but Pharmacy Financial Advisers

Pharmacy bookkeeping is particularly complex that requires an experienced professional to manage. As we deal with a large number of Pharmacies, including Metro Pharmacies, Discount Pharmacies, Rural Pharmacies, Community Pharmacies of all different shapes and sizes we have an intricate knowledge for the industry. This enables us to perform benchmarking and recommendations for your Pharmacy.

We have exposure to practically every Pharmacy Software; including, Fred, LOTS, Z Software, Mountain Top and more. Whether you’ve bought a pharmacy business, you’re considering selling a pharmacy, or you simply want to plan for growth, using the services of pharmacy experts such as Amana Accounts enables you to better understand your current financial position and how to achieve your outcomes.

Director Adam Mobarek, was born into a family of Pharmacists, hence he was practically born in a dispensary. We have developed a rigorous and efficient system to get your Pharmacy’s bookkeeping done. Furthermore, we have developed an outstanding reporting system to offer you insightful financial information to help your business grow.

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We hold a lot of experience when it comes to providing financial advise for pharmacies. We take the time to understand the workings of your business in order to provide tailored solutions for any financial challenges you might face. Our cloud based accounting software, Xero, will allow you to access your financial details from any device, anywhere.

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