Amana Core Values:

Amana derives its roots from the meaning Honesty and Trust.At the inception of Amana Accounts we delivered a promise to always uphold our clients accounts abiding by these principles.

Amana 6Ps:

At Amana we live by 6 core principles:


We care for your success. We want to see your business grow and will stop at nothing to provide the tools, advice and information to make this a reality. Nothing makes us happier than seeing our clients grow in profits year on year.


Its not just bookkeeping for us. We believe we are empowering business owners around their finances and hence take this as an Amana (trust) to deliver high quality and accurate work. We want to empower you to make informed business decisions around your businesses performance.


We want to give our clients their life back. We want to give you the freedom to do what you do best, run your own business. After a long week’s work you deserve a break to enjoy yourself with friends and families. Let us take away the worry of keeping up to date with your financial records and statutory requirements. Too often we see business owners working late and losing weekends to stay up to date with their financial records and statutory requirements. Even worse, we see business owners constantly stressed about lodging their BAS or preparing tax return information for their Accountants. If this sounds like you, then let Amana help get your life back.


Your information will be live – In the cloud. Therefore, decisions can be made at any time, anywhere. We are constantly in touch with your accounts so you can rest assured your financial data is always up to date.


Financial reports are important to understand how your business has been performing, however, what about future performance? At Amana, we provide you the tools to help plan the future, make better decisions and see your business grow.


in our service is offering you with sound financial advice to help your business grow and succeed. We don’t just send you reports, we offer notes and highlight key financial information to make it easier for you to understand the report and digest the information. If you are a visual person we can present this to you in graphs, or if love crunching numbers we can provide this to you numbers. The choice is yours. We are hear to help your business grow.


The Amana Difference

At Amana quality bookkeeping is just a given. What separates us from our competitors is our ability to add value to clients far beyond day to day bookkeeping and meeting statutory requirements. We take it to the next step. We are hear to empower you around your finances and therefore we are compelled to deliver our service with excellence.

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